Local EGO archive
47 live sets recorded between 1998 and 2000
160 pictures taken by Alexander Kurz

presented at EGO between April 28 and May 2, 2001

EGOARCHIVE is a self-representing sound and picture archive with visual/graphic navigation. EGOARCHIVE was introduced on Saturday, 28 April 2001 as an installation on 6 iMacs on the occasion of the EGOCD launch event.

The archive contains 47 livesets (mp3 format) of various artists working with computerized sounds and about 160 jpeged photographs documenting these events and the related atmosphere. The project was developed for dvd-rom, but is also designed for being presented on the web in a future step.

No edits or overdubs of any kind were made to the recordings; they capture the complete live performance including all 'real life' specifics such as technical problems and, in some cases, EGO-specific noises when recorded from a microphone (e.g. Khan, Clair Dietrich). EGO archive is the source of a selection of 21 tracks compiled from 36 hours of music, released on ego recordings in May 2001.


The double CD was compiled by the founders of EGO. It is rather a product of personal preferences striving to create a musical context than a compilation representative of the whole range of recorded material. Being aware of the very subjectivity of this excerpt it seemed a good idea to make the complete archive available to the public. Moreover, this archive was set up to give a retrospective overview of a series of concerts and to allow another form of listening to material, which was especially prepared to be performed live but (sometimes) is even more spellbinding after the 'ecstatic' live-situation is over and the listening situation is more private and concentrated.

EGOARCHIVE will be presented in some other locations, soon.

Places and dates to be announced on this page.