'Live sets at ego 1998-2000' is an exceptional compilation of electronic live sets recorded at EGO in Duesseldorf between 1998 and 2000.

Unlike many other samplers that are released in this field of electronic music it features a wide variety of artists ranging from club-oriented projects like Continuous Mode or Antonelli Electr., Thomas Brinkmann's minimal techno, Kotai/Bader's and Khan's vocal tracks to more avant-garde computer music composers like Carsten Nicolai and Marcus Schmickler.

The compilation covers 21 tracks on two CDs, coming in a specially designed digipak.

While CD 1 features more dance-oriented tracks, CD 2 is a more relaxed and sound-oriented offering, represented by acts like Monolake or Senking.

The tracks on this compilation are recordings of live performances, and although some have been released before, they appear as unique and autonomous versions on this release. Each track represents a single excerpt from the performance without any additional editing or overdubbing. The results not only reveal something of the technical process of creating electronic music live, but also provide a glimpse inside the personal production style of each composer.

In this sense the EGO compilation is also document of a special field of computerized club music.


Part of the documentary concept of this compilation is the 44-page full color photo booklet with high quality pictures of the performing artists and the space where it all took place.

EGO was not designed to be a club but rather as a non-commercial space run by a handful of enthusiastic artists, combining live events with short-term exhibitions and constantly varying design, including different 'entrance engineering' for each evening.

Currently, the project has shifted its focus from organizing live events to more documentary work such as compiling material from the audio archive for this compilation and setting up a structure for a future web-based audio archive.

'Live sets at EGO 1998-2000' is another step in realizing the ongoing idea of creating a special place for the performance and the perception of electronic music.